Welcome to the SBA

Welcome to the SBA's home page. I hope this website can explain any questions you may have about our paintball team, other teams co-sharing in our mission, or just paintball in general.

About the SBA

Who We Are

We started out as a bunch of freinds who wanted to try this team thing out. After some fun and success, we are now interested in growing out into acouple other areas. One of these areas lie within the Scenario Paintball Games we produce for charity causes. This is an interesting feild we are hopping to fill a bit with your help. The second area of growth we are interested in is through the SBA's Cell Teams. These are other teams we are bringing up under our flag untill they can stand on their own feet and begin building up others.

The back bone and reson of our team is Jesus Christ our Lord. While this was only hinted at when we started this is, by all means, His team now. So, don't be surprised if you see us praying before a game, talking about God, or other things of the sort. Our primary objectives reflect this: to help each other grow in Christ and be equiped to do battle within God's army; to always be a whitness and actively evengalize through both our actions and words; as well as, helping others prayerfully, suportively, and monitarily when needed.

Now, with that said, if you do see one of us ticked off, loosing our cool, or acting outside of what one would call "christian," please remember, we are all growing and are by no means perfect. It should also be noted that we also accept non-christians as reserve members too. Just because some one dosn't believe like us dosn't mean they can't participate, at least, in part.

How We Play

Our playstyles and team structure is based loosly on the Special Ops style of play, as well as, their tactics, and ideas of team play. It's on this background that we have tried to form our own style of play. It kinda falls along the lines of a swiss army knife like squad.

A squad consists of about seven players. Inside this squad there is one main leader (an "CO" position), plus one or two fire team leaders. In the course of a game the team may break up into several fire teams to acomplish tasks while maintaining leadership while they are seperated from each other. There are same other tactics and nuances that each team hase, but, if they are even mentioned, you might have better luck in the Articles section of the website.

How We Operate As A Whole

To gain both local suport for paintball, and more organization at larger events we have adopted a paintball team/cell system. Each team is localized to an area and they work together, have fun, help others, etc; when we get together we stay in our units, but are commanded by one unit, or leader above.

We have started our own rank system to see who's incharge as we grow. Out of respect, we have moved away from using actual military ranks. At the bottom you have the TCO, or Team COmmander. If the team is large enough the TCO's team may be portioned into multiple sqauds led by SCO's, or Squad COmmanders. The next step up, for now, is the RCO, or Regional COmmander. In this position you are in charge of both your sqaud and the other squads in your reigion.

This is the direction we are most interested in growng into. Right now it's just us and one other team, the Eastern Skunk Bird Army, but we are looking into more as we move on.

How We View Saftey

Saftey is of the upmost importance to us. In paintball things can go wrong if your not following the rules, we don't want to get hurt and, we asume, you don't either.

That being said, paintball is one of the safest and most intense sports in the world. Even bowling has been rated safer than paintball. Yeah, when you get hit it hurts, but usualy not for very long. However, if your not playing by the rules, it's not going to be safe. That's when people start getting hurt.